The History Of Toni & Remi

Antonio Petruzzelli and Remi L’Erario arrived in Cambridge in the late 1970s and worked in Cambridge city centre at Joshua Taylor, until 1986 when they decided to set up their own salon.

Toni and Remi was established in Millers Yard, Cambridge and later expanded to Station Road for six years. In 1993 Toni and Remi decided to reunite and bring the life of both salons together again, in one central location. Since then they have continued to bring great standards of hairdressing to Cambridge, from their salon on Regent Street.

How To Find Us..

We are located on the corner of Regent Street and Lensfield Road, near the big Catholic church. Meter parking is available on Lensfield Road and other roads just a short walk away. There are also two nearby car parks- Queen Anne and the Grand Arcade.

Still can’t find us? Give us a call and we will soon set you off in the right direction.

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